English Bulldog Puppy Contract

Terms of Sale:




A non-refundable payment to hold was placed in the amount of $__________. Deposits are transferable to another puppy up to 1 year.  If a puppy has not been chosen within one year, deposit becomes non transferable and nonrefundable. All balances must be paid in Cash, unless other arrangements have been made prior.  No exceptions. Balance due $_________

 All puppies must be picked up by 9 weeks of age or Buyer will be charged $25 a week boarding fee along with any other expenses/veterinary checks/vaccinations given. Unless otherwise approved. These additional charges must be paid for before picking up the puppy.  

 2.  The Seller has provided FULL AKC PAPERS/ NO PAPERS.  Buyer has breeding and showing rights.

***Puppies sold with no AKC papers should be Neutered/Spayed after 12m of age or as recommended by Veterinarian.  

 3. All Bulldogs bred and sold by Centexbulldogs have been examined by a Licensed Veterinarian prior to sale and are guaranteed to be sound and in good health at this time.  

EXAM DATE:                    FECAL RESULT:  


FOOD EATING: ______________

 4.  We guarantee that the puppy is in good health on the date of sale/delivery. The Buyer will have 48 hours (excluding Sunday) to have the puppy examined by a Licensed Veterinarian. Failure to have your puppy examined within that time frame voids this guarantee. Buyer must provide the seller with the exam report within 2 days following examination, report must be sent by email to centexbulldogs@gmail.com. Failure to notify seller of examination results voids this guarantee. If the puppy is found at the time of sale, to be unfit for purchase, by a Licensed Veterinarian, due to illness, disease or congenital disorder, documentation must be submitted to the Seller from the Veterinarian confirming, illness, disease, or congenital disorder within 24 hours, so our Veterinarian can review.  If confirmed, at that time the puppy must be returned to Seller including all paperwork, no exceptions, the puppy will then be replaced with one of equal quality and value upon availability. Replacement puppies are not always immediately available.  If Buyer chooses to keep the puppy after diagnosis is made, health guarantee will be voided, and no replacement puppy will be offered in the future. Seller will NOT be responsible for bacterial infections, Parvo, Distemper, Corona virus, Canine influenza, Pneumonia or Kennel cough 48 hours after transfer/sale, as these diseases can be contracted immediately after leaving Seller. NO CASH REFUNDS offered

 5.  Each puppy comes with 12 month genetic health guarantee; should the puppy be diagnosed within the first 12 months of life with any congenital or genetically obtained disorder, which is considered life threatening, (i.e. Leukemia, Heart Malformation, Heart Murmur Grade 3/6-6/6,  Pulmonary Stenosis) Buyer must submit documentation from Licensed Veterinarian,, supporting diagnosis, and provide sellers Veterinarian time to review.  (I.e. autopsy, lab reports) At that time the Seller will replace puppy with one of equal quality and value upon availability. If Buyer chooses to keep the puppy after diagnosis is made, health guarantee will be voided, and no replacement puppy will be offered in the future. Guarantee does not cover non-life threatening conditions or conditions considered common in the breed, including but not limited to cherry eye, eyelid surgery (upper and lower) inverted tail, respiratory BOAS, stenotic nares, entropia, orthopedic hip or elbow problems, hypoplastic trachea, heart murmurs grade 1 or 2, elongated soft palate, allergies, spinal abnormalities, undescended testes, umbilical/inguinal hernias or issues caused by weight. We do not cover heat stroke or heat related issues.  All dogs must be kept indoors, in a temperature controlled environment. 

 6.Females sold with Full AKC must not be bred prior to 12 months of age, as their bodies are still maturing.  We recommend 2nd or 3rd heat or over 24 months.  Breeding prior to 12m of age Voids this contract and Seller May repossess at no expense with no monies returned to buyer. 

 7. We cannot guarantee dilute puppies will not have dilute alopecia in the future. Dilute alopecia is manageable with diet, vitamins and medicated baths as indicated and monthly medications like Vectra 3D

 We cannot guarantee the puppy will not contract mange in the future.  Mange is a multifunctional genetic disorder that can be transmitted in a recessive manner.  There is much dispute between experts as to the differing specific causes of mange, including environment, stress, and nutrition.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee against it.  Many believe diet and stress are causes of mange and we have no way of controlling if the buyer is properly caring for the dogs.  We do not knowingly breed dogs that have undesirable conditions such as mange, but we cannot guarantee that previous generations did not have these conditions in their line, unbeknownst to us.  

 8.  If the puppy is transferred, sold, bred or given to another party, this guarantee is void.

9.  The Buyer shall maintain the puppy in good health, including adherence to a regular immunization schedule and heartworm preventative documented by a Licensed Veterinarian, all documents must be readily available upon request by Seller. Should seller request documentation of veterinary care and buyer is unable to produce documentations, guarantee is voided. Buyer must offer good high quality diet, fresh water and a clean, safe environment. We do NOT guarantee against conditions brought on by stress or environmental changes after the puppy leaves our care. Therefore, we do NOT guarantee against hypoglycemia, demodicosis, coccidiosis, giardia, malnutrition, dehydration or parasites. Seller is not responsible for any vet fees or medication incurred.

Each Puppy must follow a regular immunization schedule, that includes a series of 3- 4 vaccinations, for guarantee to remain valid.  Documentation must be readily available upon Seller's request.

 10. There is no guarantee that the purchaser will be able to breed or show the puppy, regardless of show or breeding potentials, regardless if purchased with limited or full Akc. 

 ****Male pup has two testicles at the time of sale,   YES    or    NO  or    NA  or TBD to young at this time. 

11. There is no guarantee on temperament; the Seller will not be responsible for temperament issues, as they may be a result of poor socialization, training, and discipline, as determined by each puppy’s different personality.

12. The Buyer agrees that the Seller may repossess the animal upon evidence of neglect and/or abuse at no expense to the Seller, and no refund of monies. Buyer agrees that at any time he/she is unable to care for the animal that the Seller will be informed immediately and given first option to purchase the puppy back at reasonable  cost or help Buyer find new home for the puppy.

ABUSE/NEGLECT is defined as any act that directly or indirectly causes harm to the animal. Example but not limited to:  BREEDING PRIOR TO 12M OF AGE, deplorable conditions, failure to provide safe clean environment free of clutter, feces, urine, rodents etc. Failure to supply proper exercise, nutritious food, fresh water, socialization, veterinary care. Tying out on chains or leads. Failure to provide adequate shelter.

 13. Seller will NOT be responsible for lost AKC puppy paperwork. If buyer loses AKC puppy application and requires a new application, the Buyer will pay $100 to the Seller for time and cost of new application.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

 14.  All vet fees occurred by the Buyer are the sole responsibility of the Buyer and under no circumstances be paid by the Seller.

 15.  Any dispute or litigation concerning the health guarantee that cannot be settled by both parties, must be settled in Bell County, Texas.  This is a legally binding document in the event of legal action, Buyer(s) will pay legal costs including but not limited to Seller’s attorney fees and legal costs.

Buyer (s) have read and fully understand this agreement and a copy has been provided by the Seller. 

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