Visitation Policy

We get asked often about visiting our facility.  Unfortunately, we do not allow Visitors for the protection of our Children and our dogs, with growing health concerns regarding COVID, we err on side of precaution.  We are ultimately responsible for the health and well being of all involved. Also allowing visitors around unvaccinated puppies is too great of a risk.  One parvo spore can kill a whole litter and breeding program.  These diseases can be picked up and carried on shoes for days and can be picked up anywhere a dog has been or wild animal has tracked.  Parvo can live in soil for many years.  This also prevents those that just "want to look, and play"  We are very busy ensuring all of our dogs are cared for daily and cannot accommodate everyone who would like to do this. With that being said, we would be more than happy to send video, video chat, FaceTime, facebook live, etc to show the puppies and parents.  We can also provide many references upon request. 

Thank you for your understanding

Centexbulldogs Staff.